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Sillouette of Wind Turbine

100% Renewable Energy

HPL is powered by 100% renewable energy. No need for carbon offsetting dirty electricity, we skip the polluting carbon fuels all together.

Heat Pump Service

Zero Carbon Fules

For both our office and warehouse we use zero carbon fuels for heating or hot water. That means no natural gas. We utilize heat pumps powered by 100% renewable energy to provide all our heating needs. Even going so far as recapturing heat from our electrical room to heat our hot water.

Air Conditioner

Smart HVAC and Ligting

Our entire warehouse is 'smart' using only the most efficient LED lighting and intelligent HVAC controls to reduce our carbon footprint. If there is ever a large demand on the SoCal grid, all our non-essential electrical items will automatically go offline to help California from operating the dirtiest electricity provided by peaking power plants.

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