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Professional Services

Warehouse Workers


We have plug and pay setup with Shopify, Joor, and NuOrder. We also have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of integration that comes our way. With Haute Performance Logistics, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional results.

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Proprietary Enterprise Management Software

Our in-house ERP software solution is a comprehensive system with full vertical integration within our warehouse. This translates to complete control of 3rd party integrations and data transfers. Giving our customers complete flexibility in allowing us to adapt to client needs in a timely manner.

Package Delivered


Powered by 100% renewable energy, HPL is committed to sustainability: We use 100% recycled paper apparel mailers and offer free guidance in getting to Eco-friendlier packaging for your products. Our entire warehouse is 'smart' using only the most efficient LED lighting and intelligent HVAC controls to reduce our carbon footprint. We also offer UPS carbon neutral shipping option for all packages.

Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services

  • Our 3PL Enterprise Resource Platform is proprietary: developed and maintained by us.

  • Provides for comprehensive system integrations and data transfers.

  • 3 full time IT staff developing for and supporting our clients. 

  • Provides flexibility, allowing us to adapt to client needs in a timely manner. 

  • Complete process visibility and reporting via our online Web Portal.

Inbound Processing

  • Ability to import shipment ASNs. 

  • Utilization of SSCC labeling. 

  • All inbound cartons identified and labeled for detailed internal tracking measures. 

  • Shortages/Overages detailed and reported on receipt documents. 

  • Cross dock program identifies opportunities and segregates cartons. 

  • Goods directed to various storage types based on commodity and velocity. 

  • Engineered solutions for storage to ensure logical and efficient picking. 

  • Work order documents created for Value-Add Services performed on receipt and linked to applicable receiving document. 

  • Quality Assurance checks possible to any required level.

Shipping - Order Processing

  • Pick and Pack at the SKU level. 

  • Ability to ship E-commerce orders same-day. 

  • Responsive to client fiscal calendars and associated goals. 

  • Ability to execute high volume processing peaks. 

  • Management of customer specific packing and routing requirements. 

  • Return labels / procedures included.

Order management

  • Live order queue managed by dedicated Customer Service. 

  • Allows for real-time priority changes. 

  • Flexible order import schedules. 

  • Picks segregated into discrete and bulk pick tasks for efficiency. 

  • Multiple “Pick By” and “Pack By” options possible and driven by WMS pick application.

  • System driven customer rules to ensure compliance. 

  • Fast-Pick (wave) order grouping. 

  • Processes and experience in managing all customer levels. 

  • Alternate payment types – ACH, Credit Card. 

  • Sensitivity to delivery needs. 

  • ATS  reports w/unique URL addresses for produst.

  • Packing and routing rules. 

  • ASNs sent to customers via email, fax or true EDI.

  • Shipment and PO details. 

  • Tracking information automatically generated at invoice. 

  • Serial number tracking. 

  • Invoice total for COD customers. 

E-commerce Services

  • Unique environment, processes and reporting. 

  • Customer Experience focused with flexible custom derived solutions. 

  • Same day shipping.

  • Forward picking/flash sales environment. 

  • Custom value add services if needed.

  • Outgoing return label integration .

  • Flexible delivery services. 

Aerial View of Containers

Reverse Logistics

Returns Management

  • Inspections for legitimacy of claim. 

  • Digital photography. 

  • Destruction/donation

Repair Services

Technical diagnostics and repairs on apparel and equipment available in-house.

Restocking Services

  • Label assessment and replacement. 

  • Repackaging. 

  • Removal of retail tagging. 

  • Management of second-quality inventory. 

Value Added Services

Operational Services

  • Adhesive or mechanical application tagging and tag removal.

  • Polybag application/removal.

  • Retail-ready tagging/hangars.

  • Pre-pack and musical assortment creation. 

  • Mark-for order management.

Inventory Management

  • Cycle Counting Program.

  • Inventory Sync Reporting.

Online Visibility & Reporting

  • Customized Web Portal – Live Reporting. 

  • Complete KPI Tools & Reports. 

Financial Services

Credit Card

Credit Services

  • Designated credit manager to represent your company. 

  • Complete credit recommendation and reporting services. 

  • Daily collections, issuance of reports and risk management of all accounts. 

  • Monitoring accounts to allow order release. 

  • Investigation and notices on any company 

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